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Is your nutrition plan working?

Or do these words concern you?


THEN it is time for NO SURPRISES
It is time to be proactive in your health - be the one in charge and you win! 

Your Health is YOUR Future...and it's time to look into your future with the annual Nutrition Check-up with Annette.

To help celebrate this new year and for more enjoyment with better health here is a yearly check-up list to stay on top of your health plan. 
Simple steps:
  1. Review the list to the right. Simple enough.
  2. Schedule blood work with your physician or online centers, such as or . See  below for list of Desired Blood Work
  3. Write out a one week food journal, include all snacks, water and supplements. Doing this will help you see where you need improvement and if you want a consult will help us look for ways to improve. Download Foodie Journal from side panel.
  4. Write a list of health concerns and health praises.  What feels good about your health and what needs to be improved.  Download Forms from side panel.
  5. Keep all these notes in a spiral binder - Your Health Journey                  Download Cover from side panel.
  6. Download the FREE  book - Healthy Scorecard. See below for details.
  7. ATTEND the webinar to learn how these steps will help you prevent scary diseases and feel better.
  8. SCHEDULE  - Complete the Wellness Profile (found here) and Schedule an appointment with - Annette Reeder  - to review your results. Email:
  9. PLAN - Together we will review the results and desires for the upcoming year.  We can tweak your eating, supplementing and exercising plan so that you know exactly what is happening and how to keep getting stronger.
  10. BE AT PEACE - Then you are good for another year till the next check-up!
Desired Blood Work

Whether you order these yourself or through your doctor - it is IMPERATATIVE to do this at least once a year. Since you are my Amare family I will send a reminder through email and postcards.

Together we will help each other stay strong.

Here is a list of Desired Blood Work and directions for obtaining labs.

Save all results in your personal 3 ring binder. This is a lifeline to know what is your normal and when disease is creeping in.

Healthy Scorecard
Healthy Scorecard

Do you like to find answers for yourself?
This healthy score card ask 15 simple questions with food suggestions as answers.

Perfect for the entire family.
Print copies for each person and let them answer the questions.
Then see what foods need to be added to the diet to improve your score.
Save this to your computer and do it at least every year.

Tools to keep YOU in charge of your health!


Personal Nutrition Appointment
Personal Nutrition Appointment

"It breaks my heart to hear of my clients diagnosed with a preventable disease."

Email Annette to get your appointment set up right away.

It is our desire to allow everyone adequate time, so schedule early.
This consult will review blood results, current eating plan, desires to improve your health and supplements.

Take advantage of this Complimentary service to our Amare family.  It is our desire to help everyone stay at the top of their game.

Together we can work for success!
Email today to get on the calendar:
Meetings are via phone or zoom.
Blood work is not required but highly suggested.