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Comprehensive nutrition for all three brains — the gut, brain and heart — the Amare FundaMentals Pack® PLUS is designed to target and support the primary physiological drivers of mental wellness*


Over the next 10-20 years there will be no bigger focus in the Natural Nutrition or Pharmaceutical industries, than brain health and mental wellness.


Amare Wellness Partners are real people, whose lives have been enhanced and enriched.  We have made it our mission to spread the word and empower people to live happier and healthier lives every day. 

Our Story

Annette & Steve Reeder
Annette & Steve Reeder

We discovered in 2003 the quality of products is more important than what is on the label. Yet, I was not attracted to network marketing - I just wanted - and needed - products that worked. Well, we bought high quality supplements and were hooked. Blood work totaly transformed!

For the next 15 years we shared our results and built a substantial half million dollar business. It was our Plan B for retirement. We traveled on 6 luxury trips and dipped our toes in almost every ocean.  Yet - there was still one part of our health that was not improving.

Even the best products can not cover everything!

So, I was feeling unsettled with the current company due to choices they were making and I knew I was going to be moving on. That is when Amare came along.

I tried the products.

First month - ok, don't really feel a difference.

Second month - same.

Third month - same

Fourth month - a switch happened. I was happy!  I am not talking about a 9 B Complex pills per day happy. I am talking about a from-the-gut and fully-in-the-brain happiness.

This is the happiness that when you have it -  you know is real. :) 

Now I knew I had found my new home.

Today I am offereing you the same Mental Edge!

If you are ready to try these products and see how healing your gut and the vagus nerve can help you enjoy life more - as you were created to enjoy, then start here. Use coupon code: 34828 to save $10!

If you are like me and like to jump full in and start with the best price point and possibly share with your friends - start here.

If you want to learn more about your own personal mental wellness - take this test here.


Who We Are

Who We Are

“Amare” means “to love” in Latin, and love is the universal language. Yet, in order to truly love others, we believe you must first start by loving yourself.

Our vision at Amare is to lead the global mental wellness revolution. By inspiring people to love and believe in themselves, we envision they will live an extraordinary life and make a difference for others.  Learn More>>

Contact Us

Contact Us
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Contact Us

Invest In Your Health
Steve & Annette Reeder
Glen Allen, VA


email usour facebook page

Never let a day go by that you are not at your peak performance with mental wellness!

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